Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I Love the Country

A list I started while living in Boise, Idaho. I'm sure I'll be adding to it my whole life long. Want to join the project? I'd love to see your reasons in my comments!

No one-way streets. The way you got there is the same way you'll find your way back…no GPS required.

No street lights. You can sleep deeply—without curtains! Plus, you can see the stars.

No traffic noise. Instead, you get frogs, insects, and wind in the trees.

Fresh air. Feels so much better than exhaust fumes!

Quiet walks in the woods. The trees and grass in the back 40 acres may not be groomed like a city lawn, but the truly natural space can give you that awestruck, reverent feeling like nothing else can.

No easy access to fast food. We're healthier that way.

Going to the store is relatively rare—which makes it a fun event. Besides, you get to buy in bulk. Every time you come home from town, it's like Christmas!

More genuine…less artificial. Reality beats reality shows.

No stopping at green lights. In fact, at country stop signs, a rolling stop will usually suffice.

Parables and object lessons all around…that point to the character of God instead of how wicked humanity has become.

Big sky. No congested skyline to trap in the spirit.

No congested traffic. Ahhhh…stress-free driving. In fact, driving rural roads busts stress!

Dogs run free. Wouldn't you rather be a country dog that needs no leash or fence?

Birds and wildlife. Who needs the zoo? The pussy willow bush RIGHT outside the window teems with nature's aviators!

Big gardens and orchards. The produce tastes great…and it feels great to work out there!

No close neighbors = no need for blinds. The location is plenty private, so let the sunshine in!

Free communion with God. Fewer distractions! So much more creation to lift my thoughts to Him.

Sunrise and sunset. That beautiful flash of color that leaves you contemplative and poetic. Out here, sunset lasts an hour!

Awesome storms. There's something fantastic about watching the wind whip the trees back and forth as the sky lets loose a downpour—especially if it comes with lightning and thunder.

Self-sufficiency. When you live in the country, you know the power might go out, or the road might not get plowed immediately—and you're ready for it.

Simpler lifestyle. We may not get out as much—but that gives us more time for what's truly important.


  1. Okay, I'll help you! :)

    Room to run. Ever tried to run outside a city (or town, for that matter) building,throw your arms out and take a deep breath? And then take an exuberant run/leap around? I can't make myself do it...

    1. :) Good one. I guess it's not just the dogs that need to run free!

  2. Not having to worry about your car getting broken into multiple times, tires being stolen off your car, etc. :P

  3. lol. Not in the top ten for me, but I love farm trucks. They are so unique, only the owner knows how to run them, you don't have to worry about denting it,(no need for full coverage), and there's almost nothing you can't do with them! Except take them to the city. :-P